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Panecal Plus       MOD APK       Posted 2018-05-28


Panecal Plus mod latest version for android system - modify top best mobile applications & games.


This application is a scientific calculator app for technical work such as info engineering, mechanical engineering, dynamics, measurements, and construction, an essential item for engineers and science students.   Panecal Scientific Calculator can display and correct mathematical expressions. You can use it to test expressions, which enables you to prevent input errors and calculation mistakes. Panecal Scientific Calculator has functions such as editing and recalculating calculation expressions entered in the past, as well as the capability to use variable memory to only change specific values and do calculations.   A cursor is displayed on the screen, and you can tap the screen or push arrow keys to quickly move to the zone you wish to edit. Panecal let you to swipe to scroll through expressions, as well as copying and pasting using long tapping, which makes it a powerful and flexible app with an intuitive user interface.   [Primary use of this scientific calculator]  - for info engineers, mechanical engineers. - for calculation of dynamics, measurements, and construction. - for science students. - for a huge calculator by using smartphone device. - In case you don't have a scientific calculator on an outing.    [Features] - Move the cursor by tapping - Swipe to scroll through the screen - Copy and paste - expressions history - Binary numbers, octal numbers, decimal numbers, hexadecimal numbers up to 32 bits - Radix conversion - M+/M- memory - 6 types (A-F) variable memory - Degrees, radians, or grads for angle troops - FloatPt (floating decimal mode), Fix (fixed decimal mode), Sci (index mode), and Eng (index is in multiples of 3) for displaying format - Decimals and grouping separator settings - Horizontal screen display - Vibration and orange coloring as tapping - Arithmetic operations, inverse trigonometric, logarithmic, power, power root, factorials, absolute values, and percent calculations.   [Disclaimer] Please note in advance that Appsys is not responsible for any hurt or lost profits caused by the use of this software, or any claims from third parties.

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Version 6.6.6 Date 2018.5.11<br>- Optimized calculating module.


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